How To Make Synthetic Music Easily?

how to make synthwave music

If you’re one of those people that just can’t get enough of synthesizer music, then this is the article for you. In this how to make Synthwave music article, I’m going to show you the steps that are required to start making your own awesome synthesizer songs. Imagine if you had a program like the Prodigy Sample packs that you could use to make some killer music using just your keyboard and a drum pad. Well, now you can, but you have to know how to make synthetic music first.


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So let’s start by learning what makes music good. Why do good music have a beat? What does it have that makes music so attractive to the listeners? Well, it’s nothing but pure melody and harmony. To create music that has the ability to make you jump out of your skin, you need to learn how to listen.

Listen to as many different types of music as you can, in as many different ears as you can. That’s the best way to see what’s going on within the musical spectrum. Once you’ve listened to a bunch of music, try and figure out which ones strike you as being the right ones. Then from there, you can build your library of beats and sounds to use in your own music.

In order to make good music from your synthesizer, you also need to be able to edit it. This editing ability is very important when you want to make sure that the end product you’re creating sounds great. With audio editing software like Pro tools, everything that goes into your music sounds great, because they’re digital sounds. But it’s still necessary for you to be able to touch things up or remove unwanted elements if needed.

There’s one more thing that goes into making great music: the knowledge of when to take a break and let things settle down. Sure you might have a million things going on in your head while you’re working out how to make synthesizer music, but sometimes it’s best to just stop for a while and let life and other things around you calm down a bit. Some people even say that you should take a break every half an hour if possible. If you work on your music for an hour, you’ll likely find that you can take a fifteen minute break and listen to your music without the anxiety starting to set in.

It’s also important to get a good stereo system when you are learning how to make synthesizer music. If you only play with one ear, you may not hear what the other ear is doing. This is very easy to remedy with a stereo system. You’ll be playing music from both ears at the same time, which means that you’ll hear the drums go boom, the guitar picks up the bass note, and the overall tone of the track come through clearly.

Of course, you have to know how to make them first. Learning how to make the sounds on the drums and other instruments is the step that follows after the actual writing process. However, this is a very good way to get your feet wet and give you some idea as to what music making is about. Don’t worry if you’re a little rusty when you’re first starting. Practice every chance you get!

When you’re making the actual music, make sure to record yourself. This will give you some idea as to how the music sounds in your own hands, as well as allow you to see what you’re doing right and wrong. This is a really good idea for anyone wanting to start making a name for themselves in the music world. You can even take these recordings and put them up on YouTube. This will give you another avenue to generate income! As long as you keep learning, you’ll be able to make an incredible living!

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